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The LCA Platform for Food Distributors 

Calculate the environmental footprint of your unique products 

How to Measure the Environmental Footprint of Fresh Produce and its Supply Chain?

Your fresh produce products and supply chains are unique, and we're here to assist you in accurately measuring your environmental footprint.


Map your Supply Chain:

Mapping how your products move through your supply chains is the first step in conducting a thorough LCA. Identifying every single step your growers, suppliers, packagers and transportation partners are active in, will ensure that all the necessary data points are identified, before moving on to the data gathering process.

Making sure you identify every key step in your fresh produce supply chain, is important for a thorough Life Cycle Assessment, as it makes sure no step is forgotten along the way.


Data Gathering:

Collect relevant data from your suppliers and process right in the platform. Using data that is specific to your suppliers will ensure that the calculations are specific to your fresh produce supply chain.

Once you have the data, let the Nature Preserve platform measure your product’s environmental impact. Some of the most common data points is water usage, yield, fertilisers and/or transport methods.

Not sure what to do if you cannot get information about your produce from suppliers? Don’t worry, Nature Preserve ClimateFoodDB has an extensive database for crops, fruits, vegetables and spices that you can use to fill in the gaps.

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Set KPIs and Reduce your Impacts:

With a precise measurement of your specific supply chain's environmental impact, you can set targeted KPIs to reduce your impact. Engage your suppliers and measure the collective difference you are making together over time.


A Nature Preserve Environmental footprint can break down your impacts into 16 different categories, giving you a deep insight into where you can focus your efforts and make the biggest difference. Remember that sustainability is a journey, and Nature Preserve is here to help you every step of the way.

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Communicate your Efforts with Confidence:

Communicating your carbon footprint to B2B clients and consumers has never been easier. Nature Preserve has developed a Consumer Communication Tool, where consumer can scan a QR code and read about your produce and its supply chain. Consumers value transparency, and now you can offer them that and more!

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Learn how we have empowered:

“It was important to us to partner with a climate impact firm that understands fresh produce and the agriculture sector and that is exactly who we got with Nature Preserve. Working with Nature Preserve was a seamless, smooth experience and their team is very supportive and enthusiastic to ensure that you get the most accurate climate impact data for your supply chain.”

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John Paap,

Brand Marketing & Sustainability Manager

Your Compass for Climate-Conscious Decisions

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