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ClimateFoodDB: Your Partner for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Processing

Unlock Sustainable Change in Agriculture - Your Comprehensive Environmental Footprint Solution

ClimateFoodDB, created by Nature Preserve, is your dedicated tool for conducting precise

environmental footprint analysis in agriculture and food processing. It aligns with the European Commission's Environmental Footprint (EF 3.0) methodology, housing rich data for diverse Regions, crops, and time periods. This empowers you to quantify and reduce environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle and value chain.

Empower Sustainability with Ease

  • User friendly interface

  • Personalized insights

  • Comprehensive data

ClimateFoodDB serves both sustainability professionals and newcomers with an easy-to-use platform for customized environmental footprint assessments.

Even when specific data is scarce, it draws from reliable sources and guidelines such as IPCC guidelines, IFA STAT, FAOSTAT, PAS 2050, and many more offering comprehensive, region-specific data covering local farming practices, climate specifics, soil characteristics, and energy sources.

Nature Preserve App, Grower Analytics
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Choices Confidently

Advanced Search, Tailored Insights, and Sustainable Strategies in Agriculture and Food Processing.

Built with a robust framework, ClimateFoodDB enables

advanced search and filtering capabilities for swift data discovery.

Users effortlessly pinpoint relevant information by selecting

criteria like geographic regions, crop types, farming methods, or processing techniques.

It goes beyond being a mere database; it's a powerful tool for

informed decision-making in agriculture and food processing. Gain precise insights into environmental footprints, enabling you to devise strategies for emissions reduction, efficient resource utilization, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

Make Sustainability your Brand’s Superpower!

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