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The Research

CompEnSate: Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture with Advanced EF Management

The CompEnSate project, spearheaded by Nature Preserve and in partnership with Nara Space Technology, introduces an innovative Tier-2 Environmental Footprint (EF) management tool for agriculture, leveraging EU grant support. This tool combines satellite technology and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for accurate, user-friendly environmental impact analysis. It offers a scalable solution for the agricultural sector to meet net-zero emission goals and SBTi FLAG targets through precise, location-based strategies for emission reduction and carbon sequestration.

Leveraging QR Codes for Sustainable Food Choices: Insights and Impact

This research study explores the effectiveness of QR codes on food packaging in enhancing consumer engagement with product climate transparency. By providing detailed insights into the environmental impact of food production, QR codes have proven to be a significant tool in promoting sustainable consumption among consumers.

Nature Preserve's Environmental Footprint Database for Food Crops

Nature Preserve has developed a comprehensive Environmental Footprint database for food crops, addressing the critical challenge of measuring the environmental impact of food production for stakeholders in the supply chain. This innovative database offers detailed, country-specific data on a wide range of environmental parameters, empowering food companies to make informed, sustainable decisions. Designed for ease of use, it serves as a crucial starting point for assessing environmental impact and supports continuous improvement in sustainable food production practices.

Our Research Partners

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