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Pioneering Sustainable Practices in the Fresh Produce Industry

By John Paap, Brand Marketing & Sustainability Manager

Snack with Impact: The Sunrays Sustainability Journey

At Jac Vandenberg we are determined to take our Sunrays brand to new heights. Our goal is to weave sustainability into every thread of our supply chain, from our grape and mandarin farms to the final products that reach consumers. To achieve this, we sought the expertise of Nature Preserve, a partnership that has been instrumental in helping us understand and measure our products' Environmental Footprints.


This collaboration with Nature Preserve has been a game-changer for us in three significant ways:


Deepening Our Commitment to Sustainability

We were already on a path to certify our growers through the Sustainably Grown standards. But we wanted to go a step further and minimize the Environmental Footprint of our entire supply chain. With Nature Preserve's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool, we've been able to manage our products and supply chains more effectively, pinpointing areas for impact reduction across the entire supply chain, not just at the grower level.

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Enhancing Transparency for Consumers

Our Sunrays brand is on a mission to inspire consumers to 'snack with impact'. We wanted to create a transparent universe where consumers can learn all about our growers and the products. Communicating the environmental footprint of our products was a priority for us. Thanks to Nature Preserve’s Consumer Communication App, we've been able to share our product’s supply chains and environmental impacts transparently.



Leading the Industry

At Sunrays, we're committed to leading the fresh produce industry towards making sustainability the new norm. We understand that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We're setting new standards for how sustainable initiatives should be led - consciously, with courage, and driven by data.

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​Our partnership with Nature Preserve has ensured that our commitment to sustainability is more than just a marketing slogan. It's a tangible, measurable aspect of our business operations. We've shown that it's possible to provide high-quality fresh produce while minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. This case study is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and our leadership in the fresh produce industry.

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