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The Life Cycle Assessment Platform for Food Distributors and Processors

Calculate the environmental footprint that mirrors your unique supply chain.

Who is it for

Business wanting to

Provide more granular product impact data for clients for Scope 3 reporting.

Expected outcome

Enable businesses to accurately report on Scope 3 emissions, enhancing transparency and accountability in environmental reporting.

Business wanting to

Identify hotspots in the supply chain to reduce emissions or live up to Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) commitments.

Expected outcome

Identify and prioritize areas for emission reduction in the supply chain, aligning operations with Science-Based Targets for climate action.

Business wanting to

Back environmental sustainability claims to comply with marketing regulations.

Expected outcome

Provide verifiable data to support sustainability claims, ensuring compliance with marketing and environmental regulations.

Who Are You

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Product Owners & Quality Managers

Use Nature Preserve's intuitive tools and guidance to navigate Life Cycle Assessment processes, without needed a background in environmental engineering.

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Sustainability Managers

Use Nature Preserve's robust tools and guidance to streamline sustainability management and compliance efforts, enhancing strategic decision-making.

Your Path to Sustainability

Step 1: Mapping your supply chain

Our supply chain mapping tool simplifies tracing your food products from farm to retail, ensuring every critical step. This streamlines your Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process, giving you confidence that all essential data points are covered.

Step 2: Gather the data

Gather product-specific impact data directly on our platform to tailor calculations to your fresh produce supply chain. With this data, the platform will accurately measure your product's environmental impact.

Step 3: Set Goals for the future

By accurately assessing the environmental impact of your unique supply chain, you can establish specific KPIs for impact reduction. Collaborate with your suppliers to track the collective progress you achieve over time.

Success in Action

“It was important to us to partner with a climate impact firm that understands fresh produce and the agriculture sector and that is exactly who we got with Nature Preserve. Working with Nature Preserve was a seamless, smooth experience and their team is very supportive and enthusiastic to ensure that you get the most accurate climate impact data for your supply chain.”

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John Paap,

Brand Marketing & Sustainability Manager

  • What can I do we cannot get information from suppliers?
    Don’t worry, Nature Preserve ClimateFoodDB has an extensive database for crops, fruits, vegetables, spices and processed ingredients that you can use to fill in the gaps.
  • How can I pinpoint where my sustainability efforts can have the most impact?
    Nature Preserve’s Environmental Footprint analysis breaks down your impacts into 16 categories, like carbon footprint, water use, and land use, offering deep insights for targeted action. Remember, sustainability is a journey, and Nature Preserve is here to guide you at every step.

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