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Plastic netting, 3lb

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South Africa

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How to understand the data: The impact at ingredient level is the total impact for 1kg of ingredient, prior to the production of this product. The impact at processing level, is based on the production of 1kg of product. 

Methodology: Nature Preserve's third-party validated impact assessment methodology is based on the Environmental Footprint (EF3.0) method that enables PEF and OEF, endorsed by the European Commission.

Calculations: The calculations are partly based on product-specific impact information from producers and the Agribalyse agricultural and food database (v 3.0.1.). In addition, Ecoinvent v3.8 was used for packaging and transport impact factors.

Transparency Driven by Data

Nature Preserve's climate impact algorithms can track and trace the environmental impact of food products throughout the supply chain, so you as a consumer can make transparent purchasing decisions.

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