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Let us handle your
climate journey!

So you can focus on what you do best: Making Damn Good Coffee!

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Impact of coffee through the supply chain


The coffee industry is under immense pressure to reduce its environmental impact. The endless talk about carbon footprints, sustainable farming practices, and transparency demands can be overwhelming. 

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Nature Preserve simplifies your climate journey helping you to measure, reduce and communicate the environmental footprint of your coffee production.

How we help


We simplify the data gathering process to establish a baseline carbon footprint of your coffee production. If you are missing any data, you can use our comprehensive database to fill in the data-gaps to help you get started with ease.


We simplify your climate impact reduction journey by pinpointing high-impact areas across your supply chain, helping you to maximize both environmental and cost benefits.


We simplify your communication process helping you to share your efforts transparently with your stakeholders through QR-codes, certificates and reports. 

Impact of coffee through the supply chain

Success in Action

Check out how Ønsk and other producers are taking action today!

“It was important to us to partner with a climate impact firm that understands fresh produce and the agriculture sector and that is exactly who we got with Nature Preserve. Working with Nature Preserve was a seamless, smooth experience and their team is very supportive and enthusiastic to ensure that you get the most accurate climate impact data for your supply chain.”

John Paap,

Brand Marketing & Sustainability Manager

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