Every fruit deserves
a second chance.

Almost 50% of all the fruits and vegetables produced in the world are not consumed by us.


With the human population estimated to reach 10 billion people by 2050, producing more will not always be an option - we must do more with what we already produce.

Nature Preserve turns food surplus into shelf-stable ingredients to create a second lifecycle. 

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The Why

Using fruits and vegetables that would have otherwise been wasted, we preserve it so that it can be transformed into various food products. 

The How

We have designed a proprietary mobile processing unit that can process surplus onsite & on-demand so that it can be used any day at any time.

The Final Product

Nature Preserve creates juices and purees that are nutritious, appealing, and appetizing. They are shelf-stable and can be further processed into powders.

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Working in a small office we found that our produce was expiring faster than we could consume. We were at a crossroad - sacrifice our delectable produce or accept the flies and eventual mold. 

We found both options unacceptable and used our penchant for science to our advantage. 


We aim to shorten the food supply chain, bring transparency through blockchain, lengthen the food product lifecycle, and make it more accessible to everyone. With our ingredients, we not only upcycle food but maintain a nutritional and environmental balance at the same time.


We believe in making a better and more resilient food system through decentralization and transparency.


In the next 30 years we must grow 60% more food and agricultural land is in short supply. A more efficient food system is essential for the survival of our species.

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What happens after spinach, beets or strawberries go through our processing unit? The options are unlimited and we are just getting started!

We have created three different and delicious smoothies that taste, look and feel just like you picked it up in a shop. Easy to use, minimal clean up and with the same nutrition as a juice shop. What's not to love!

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Anantha Peramuna, PhD


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Hansol Bae, PhD


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