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Sustainability for
Food Producers

Unlock the full potential of Climate Transparency




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Become a Leader in Sustainable Food

Embrace Collective Action for a Greener Planet

Just as it takes a village to nurture a child, it takes a united supply chain to reduce the carbon footprint of food production. With our expertise in agriculture and the food processing industry, we empower growers, brand owners and food processors to work collaboratively to make a positive impact on the environment and communicate the purpose with stakeholders. Let us work together to leave a smaller environmental footprint while driving growth in the sustainable food market.


Maximize Your Sustainability Efforts with Nature Preserve

By choosing Nature Preserve as your partner in sustainability, you gain numerous advantages:

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Enhanced Sustainability

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the environment and enhancing agriculture sustainability.

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Improved Reputation

Showcase your commitment to sustainability with our CO2 label and gain recognition as a leader in the sustainable food market.

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Consumer Engagement

Meet the demands of conscious consumers who prioritize sustainability and seek transparent information about the environmental impact of their food.

Illustration Nature Preserve  Competitive Advantage by integrating sustainability into your business strategy

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by integrating sustainability into your business strategy and differentiating your brand in the market.


Who We Serve

Nature Preserve caters to brand owners and food processors who are passionate about sustainability in the food industry. If you are seeking to enhance your brand's reputation and meet the growing demand for sustainable food, we are here to support you.

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Agricultural and Fresh Produce Industry

Your versatile tool for measuring the Environmental Footprint of agricultural products, tailored for everyone from individual farmers to large cooperatives. Our platform makes it simple to bring on board suppliers, clients, or any stakeholder, fostering seamless data sharing and collective action to reduce and communicate environmental impacts.

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Manufactured Food and Beverage Industry

 A user-friendly solution designed for the precise measurement of the Environmental Footprint of the manufactured food and beverage industry, serving everyone from small food brands to large B2B food processing businesses. The platform fosters effortless onboarding of suppliers, clients, or any stakeholder for seamless data sharing and impact reduction. 

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Nature Preserve supports a wide range of clients from small brands to multinational corporations, providing accurate environmental footprint measurements, fostering effective sustainability communication, and helping to grow brands with purpose.

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Nature Preserve Partner, Alfa Laval
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Nature Preserve Client, Klima Mad

A Data-Driven Approach to Sustainability

At Nature Preserve, we leverage data to drive sustainability and environmental impact reduction. Our approach combines scientific expertise, cutting-edge technology, and carbon reduction strategies to deliver measurable results. Here's how our process works:


Use our food carbon footprint calculator to measure the CO2 emissions associated with your products.


Identify areas where you can make impactful changes and implement sustainable practices to minimize your carbon footprint.


Share your Nature Preserve validated results with stakeholders transparently and communicate your sustainability efforts to consumers and stakeholders.

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Empowering Sustainable Decision-Making

Unleash the Power of High-Resolution Climate Data to Conduct Comprehensive Environmental Footprint Analyses.

ClimateFoodDB is a sophisticated climate database created by Nature Preserve for analyzing the environmental footprint of agriculture and food processing industries. ClimateFoodDB utilizes the EF 3.0 methodology which is endorsed by the EU Commission and enables PEF scoring of products. It provides detailed metrics, utilizes machine learning algorithms, and offers advanced filtering and search capabilities, making it a powerful tool for climate-aware decision-making and sustainable practices.

What Our Clients Say

“It was important to us to partner with a climate impact firm that understands fresh produce and the agriculture sector and that is exactly who we got with Nature Preserve. Working with Nature Preserve was a seamless, smooth experience and their team is very supportive and enthusiastic to ensure that you get the most accurate climate impact data for your supply chain.”

John Paap,
Jac Vandenberg

Jacob Lænsø,


"I highly recommend Nature Preserve for their outstanding work in conducting an LCA calculation on our product. The documentation of our sustainability claims was crucial, and we were facing increasing demand from retailers to provide Carbon Footprint information for our products. Thanks to the meticulous calculation by Nature Preserve, we were able to successfully place our products on the shelves.
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Make Sustainability your Brand’s Superpower!

Book a Sales Call Today and Start Communicating Your Brand's Purpose!

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