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Leading with Radical Climate Transparency: A New Era for Retailers, Food Service, and Hospitality Industries

At Nature Preserve, our core mission to combat climate change is driven by a profound commitment to radical climate transparency. This commitment is not just a guiding principle; it's the essence of our identity. We are thrilled to introduce the Climate Transparency Catalog, a groundbreaking initiative designed to revolutionize the way businesses in the retail, food service, and hospitality sectors approach their supply chains.

Navigating and Managing Scope 3 Emissions

Addressing the environmental impact of businesses, particularly in the retail and service industries, requires a deep dive into Scope 3 emissions. These emissions, which arise from the vast network of interactions with other companies, from production to disposal, are often the most challenging to understand and manage. However, confronting Scope 3 emissions head-on is critical for a genuine grasp of your business's impact on the planet.

Scope 3 emissions retailer

The Climate Transparency Catalog stands as a vital resource in this endeavor. It offers a carefully vetted selection of companies and products, each subjected to thorough environmental impact assessments by Nature Preserve. This tool equips retailers and service industry leaders with the crucial insights needed to make choices about their suppliers, enabling a more effective approach to managing Scope 3 emissions.

Embracing Radical Climate Transparency in Supply Chain Management

The Climate Transparency Catalog transcends its role as a resource; it is a force for transformation. By prioritizing suppliers who embrace radical climate transparency and openly disclose their environmental impact, businesses can significantly enhance their approach to managing Scope 3 emissions. This decision not only demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility but also drives the shift towards more accountable and transparent global supply chains.

The debut of the Climate Transparency Catalog by Nature Preserve signifies a major leap forward in the movement towards radical climate transparency in business practices. Providing access to suppliers who are transparent about their climate impact, the catalog is instrumental in leading the food industry, along with the retail and hospitality sectors, into a future where environmental accountability is paramount.

Catalog of food products with climate transparency

In summary, the Climate Transparency Catalog by Nature Preserve is more than just a tool; it embodies our dedication to embedding radical climate transparency at the heart of efforts to address climate change. It invites leaders in the retail, food service, and hospitality industries to stand with us in this critical mission. Together, we can initiate a shift towards a future where every supplier choice is a step towards greater environmental accountability, setting a new standard for industry practices worldwide.


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